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Final Verison Feb 27th.,2006


All Theme bird entries will be judged in their own species, class and category before being judged as Theme Bird. All categories will qualify (miniature, full body, decorative, gunning and stick style, wood sculpture, etc., as appropriate).

Competing Divisions:

Note: the competition committee reserves the right to adjust or change the Divisions if required.

Competing Levels:

  Advanced (Open) Generally considered as having attained top ranking in competition.
     Intermediate One whose work has established them at a level beyond Novice.
     Novice Considered being at the entry level in competition.
     Youth A beginner carver under the age of 16 years.

Level Advancement

There is a mandatory advancement for those that win two Best of Shows in their level at any competition (i.e. an Intermediate level carver who wins two bests of show is automatically moved up to Advanced (Open) Level in the next competition.

Note: If a carver in the Novice level, for example, wishes to be judged in the Intermediate level; there is no rule to prevent this from happening. Also, if members of the competition committee feel the carver should be entering in an advanced level, the carver has the right to accept or reject their suggestion, providing the carver has not previously won two Best of Shows in that level.


  1. All entries must be registered as outlined in the registration timetable, and no later than 9:45 AM on the day of the judging. All entries after this time period will be refused. Entries will be critiqued by the judge(s) Saturday after judging and on Sunday.
  2. All entries for this competition must have been carved within the past year, from the date of this competition.
  3. All entries must remain at the competition until closing time of the show usually at 3:00 PM on Sunday of the event. Note: a registration sheet must be shown to collect your work at the end of the show.
  4. All entries must then be verified by the owner and a club member before the carvings may leave the carving competition and show.
  5. The registered carver or a "designated team" must make all carvings. A designated team consists of two individuals, e.g.: carver and painter, who worked together on a particular carving/work. Individuals can only belong to one designated team. A carver or designated team may enter only one level in the competition (Open, Intermediate, Novice, or Youth).
  6. All entrants are responsible to select the correct category for their work and to check all confirmation slips to ensure their carvings have been correctly registered. The competition committee will offer assistance required in clarifying entries. In case of controversy, the competition committee's decision will prevail.
  7. Carvings may consist of components however 95% must be carved wood. The remaining 5% may consist of the following: glass eyes, foil, metal rods for strengthening and wood filler.
  8. Driftwood can be used as long as it is re-worked and treated or painted.
  9. Castings are not allowed at any level.
  10. Pewter cast feet may be used in Youth and Novice but are not permitted in the neither intermediate nor open levels.
  11. Once a carving is entered, it cannot be touched or altered in any way.
  12. All entrants are responsible for the insurance of their entries at their own expense.
  13. All entrants are responsible to store their own packing materials and are expected to remove all materials until they return to collect their entries usually after 3:00 PM Sunday.
  14. Pre-registration is allowed. The carver is responsible to arrange for the carving entry to reach the registration desk prior to the deadline. It is highly recommended that the carver carry insurance for the carving against loss or damage.
    For specific details, please contact Sheila Curits, (902)628-3870

Other Competition Rules:

Miniature Wildfowl:

  1. Full body or flat bottom.
  2. Scale is half size or smaller with a maximum of eight inches in length, which will fit, within an eight inch gauge or callipers.
Floating Gunners:

  1. All entries are to be made ofmaterials normally considered suitable for working decoys, i.e.: wood, cork,etc.
  2. Gunning decoys will be floated (except stick decoys) and must self right from any position. Geese, Swans & other subspecies must self-right from their side. Applicable to all divisions.
  3. Burning or other fine texturing will NOT be allowed.
  4. Feather groupings must not be undercut. Combing, blending and scratch painting are acceptable. Feather groupings, bill and eye detail and elevated primaries will be allowed as long as they are durable.
  5. Decoys will be judged with the emphasis on those species normally made as working decoys and best portray the essence of the species.
  6. In order to make things more interesting we require at least four entries in a category. If there are less than four entries in a division, the Competition Committee or judge(s), reserve the right to place them in another division. Every effort will be made to group these entries equitably. Floating Decorative for Open and Intermediate will be judged in the water tank. Floating of Novice pieces is NOT mandatory but will be judged accordingly.


Judging is a difficult task. It requires a broad knowledge of the species and specific knowledge of the detail of the subjects.

The judge(s) will consider a number of factors such as:

The Competition Committee realises that everyone will not agree with the judge(s) ratings every time. Therefore every entrant should note that the Judge(s)decisions are final.

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