Competition Carving Categories

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Section A - Marsh Ducks (Floating, Decorative, Life-size)

Section B - Diving Ducks (Floating, Decorative, Life-size)

Section C - Geese & Other Waterfowl)

Section D - Seabirds (Decorative Life-size)

Section E - Game Birds (Decorative, Life-size) includes full body waterfowl and non-floating decorative

Section F - Birds of Prey

Section G - Song Birds (Decorative, Life-size)

Section H - Shorebirds and Waders (Decorative, Life-size)

Section I - Other Wildlife (- Fish etc.)

Section J - Mammals/Reptiles

Section K - Interpretive Wood & Natural Finish Carvings

Section L - Gunners

Section M - Miniature Waterfowl

Section N - Waterfowl - Non-Floating

All Other Carving Types:

Section U - Caricatures

Section N - Waterfowl - Non-Floating