Completing the online (email) form. (Pre-Registration only)

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NOTE: This is used for PRE-REGISTRATION ONLY to save you time when you arrive at the competition event.

"Printable Version"
If you don't want to complete and send this info online then click on this link. This will open a new browser window and you can print the form from this window and mail the form to us.

"Mandatory Information"
It is mandatory that you complete the Name and address fields. You may exclude the email field if so desired, but please note that we will only use your email address to inform you of your completed registration or upcoming competitions, nothing else! Complete the rest of the fields as follows:

"NO." field:
Incrementally number each carving piece you are entering into competition in the "NO." field.

"Description" field:
Enter a valid description of the carving. (eg. "Black Duck" or "Caricature of a man")

"Category Letter & Num." field:
Use the Categories link to find the letter and number to use in this field. For example if you were entering a 'Black Duck' you would enter A-1.1 in this field. or, for a 'caricature' you would enter R-Bench Class.

"Fee" field:
The fee structure is as follows: (to be completed later)

"Fee Total" field:
IEnter the total of all the entered pieces.

"Date" field:
Enter the current date.

"Submit" field:
Click on the Submit button to send the completed form automatically to us. This will open your email with the submission details in the body of the email and the correct "Send To" address already applied. Just send the email and you are done.

"Start over" field:
Click on the this button to erase all the data on the screen. You can complete a number of individual forms this way. Fill out a form for one participant, send it, hit the 'start over' button and fill out the form for another participant.